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Emergency Dentistry

Have a dental emergency? Need urgent care? Bellagio Dental Implant Center’s Emergency Dentistry offers same-day treatments to relieve your symptoms and restore your damaged teeth. Whether you’re already a patient or looking for a new dentist, we welcome you and your dental emergency!


Results matter, especially when it comes to emergency dentistry. At Bellagio Dental Implant Center, we have the skill, experience, and compassionate care to address the problem and relieve the unbearable pain you may be feeling.

Don’t put off severe toothaches, chipped teeth, or painful cavities any longer — they can spiral into larger, more costly problems if left untreated. Call Bellagio Dental Implant Center at (561) 705-0045 for your FREE emergency exam right away, and let us take care of you with outstanding emergency dentistry services.


Have you lost a tooth? A dental implant can seamlessly take the place of your lost tooth and restore your smile. Dental implants are replacement teeth that are designed to match your surrounding teeth, and they function just like any other tooth. What’s more, dental implants restore your ability to eat naturally, preserve your jawbone health, and look beautiful. Patients who need dental implants can turn to us for surgical implant dentistry.


Are you in need of emergency dental care but have questions? At Bellagio Dental Implant Center in North Palm Beach, FL, our team is dedicated to providing quality care for all of our patients. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Emergency Dentistry:

  • What qualifies as a dental emergency? A dental emergency can be any situation involving oral health that requires immediate medical attention. Common examples of dental emergencies include broken or cracked teeth, extreme tooth pain, lost fillings/dentures and gum tissue lacerations.
  • Will I need to visit the office immediately? Yes – it’s important to seek treatment right away in order to minimize discomfort and prevent further damage. Our team is available 24/7 to provide timely and effective treatments in cases of emergencies.
  • Are there any at-home remedies I can use? While at-home remedies may help temporarily relieve pain or discomfort, they should never replace professional medical advice and treatment from your dentist.

At Bellagio Dental Implant Center we take pride in providing quality care for all our patients – so don’t hesitate to call us today if you’re in need of emergency dentistry services!

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